Comunidad Budista Sotozen

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Whenever  you´ll be  a practitioner or not, you  can collaborate with the maintenance of the Temple through a donation of  minimum 15 € per month. Thanks to these voluntary contributions, the temple continues to improve its facilities to provide a better service to all those who come to the temple,  looking for a spiritual path  and personal development.

These contributions are also used for the support of the monks and residents in the temple, whose dedication is crucial to consolidate the practice of Dharma.

On the other hand, you can also make specific donations or grants aimed at specific projects within the temple as e.g. the 2012-2014 campaign for the construction of a meditation room.

As the charity verse  says:


There is the material gift

and there is the gift of Dharma.

Now that both agree

how wonderful appears before our eyes.


We need your help to keep one of the most important Buddhist centers of our country.

You can donate at:

Owner: Buddhist community Soto Zen

Bank: Triodos Bank

NO. CC: 1491 0001 29 1034687713