Comunidad Budista Sotozen

To know yourself

Today, after the discoveries of depth psychology, psychoanalysis, the concept of the ego and of the self has evolved and cannot be limited to a rational objective study of the consciousness, nor to a purely intellectual analysis.

On the other hand, it seems that man cannot live simply on social, religious and moral values outside himself. Now he needs a strengthening interior, discovered and lived deep inside.

Social life educates man under conditions that teach us to judge right and wrong according to criteria that are more an acquired habit than a really lived notion.

Also today, everyone is aware of this state of facts, which produces one of the most important factors of the discomfort felt by individuals.

All this leads to a more acute and personal inner search, and it brings us closer to the problem in a different way:

What is the nature of man and the universe?
What is life?
What is death?

Neither science nor religion, through the history of man, has made a successful response.

We, namely body and spirit, we are life. This is the Zen answer. To clearly see in our own spirit. The fact of life and deeply realizing this body-mind unit, make us discover the source of life within ourselves, here and now.

This feeling of life is the universal in us and as are we in the universe, beyond the ego and beyond life and death, the interdependence of all existences.

This feeling of universal unity is the foundation of the love that unites all living things.