Comunidad Budista Sotozen

The zen master

However, everyone can do Zazen. There is no medical contraindication and although the goal of Zazen is not in any way to cure, the most defective physiological conditions can be improved significantly over its practice.

But zazen is a rigorous discipline that cannot be practiced without the help of a master. His presence is necessary, not only to control the position and to teach peace to the spirit, but above all to guide each one according to their means. This is the reason why Zazen must be practiced in the peaceful atmosphere of a meditation room. This way, the practitioner benefits not only from the direction of the master, but from the presence of the other participants. The effort of each one is multiplied into a vast collective effort, which supports, encourages and soothes.

Thus only through this ongoing exercise, which will gradually become part of our lives, we begin to change, imperceptibly at first, but increasingly sensitive. And not only us, our life, the others, the world, everything changes at once.

In fact, what has changed is our relationship with life, with the others, with the world. Little by little, we will get rid of the ego envelope. Our conscience will finally cease to be divided. With all barriers destroyed and abolished, communication will be established and the other is no longer the "other." Our conscience will participate in life to feel itself an emanation of the cosmos, identifying it.

Zazen is at its root the very posture of Buddha, thanks to which he obtained complete liberation, the sovereign detachment, perfect knowledge.  Zen reminds us that we all have, "here and now," this possibility, but we simply ignore it. Through the practice and teaching of the master, we approach through an uninterrupted transmission, this experience, this wondrous metamorphosis of the being that is the Awakening.