Comunidad Budista Sotozen

Zen and psychosomatics

Zazen practice is enough, that is, get in position, with your spine straight, sitting on a round and thick cushion, perfectly still, in a calm and quiet place.  Breathe slowly, deeply, and let it calm down the agitated spirit and rinse. Soon enough feel the positive effects of this position:  the everyday concerns no longer trouble us, and finally away appear as what they are: small and insignificant waves on the surface of ourselves. Gradually, the anxiety becomes a security concern in a calm incessant previously unknown first announcement of a deep serenity.  A sense of relief, restored balance begins to manifest.

This is what actually happens and what, in fact, doctors at the University of Tokyo, Europe and America have confirmed, they  have examined the physiological effects of meditation on the practitioners in Zazen. The breath control moderates and soothes the heart rhythm, regulates the circulation, causes stress decreases. Zazen deep exhalation of the lungs expels  carbon dioxide waste that usually get stuck in them, causing nervousness and anxiety. The degree of blood lactic acid, a factor in aggressiveness, very significantly lower while the fact of stretching the spine makes it free to find your agility and it sets your twitches free.

Finally, and above all, the brain function changes very significantly, going from the activity of the surface layers to deep layers. Alpha waves appear quickly, which creates a state of consciousness completely different from everyday life, both more relaxed and more insightful, sensitive and alert. But we must specify that it is not in any way an abnormal or ecstatic state, but, on the contrary, a return to the natural and normal conditions of the physical and mental functioning of human beings. People who regularly practice Zazen have this feeling of returning to take possession of themselves, to meet again, beyond the twitches, the distortions, in the original, primitive, situation which shall be the one to all people.