Comunidad Budista Sotozen

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It is an area of winding hills covered  by  a forest of   pine  trees. The property extends over  33 hectares.

It is one of the most preserved natural places of the Valencian Community, brings together excellent conditions for the practice of meditation, relaxation and reflection. It was founded in 1989 by the master Dokushô Villalba Roshi.                                

Throughout the year  different activities related  to the Zen tradition take place in it , such as    Buddhist studies programs, meditation retreats, workshops , inter-religious encounters, etc.

 Currently resides in it  a community of  training monks and lay  resident,  living  the spirit of zen practice on a daily base.

The Soto Zen Buddhist community is committed to respect  the natural environment and to the awakening of the ecological consciousness. For this reason,  part of the property  has become a Micro Floral reserve,  wich has been recognized by the Generalitat Valenciana. Within the European project «Life», the community  is undertaking a series of measures and investments that will allow, in a few years, the opening  of this reservation to the public. On the other hand, the CBSZ  has beeen commited  to promote the creation of an ecozone in the lands occupied by the temple, contributing to the protection of    the Hoces of Cabriel`s  National Park.
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