Comunidad Budista Sotozen

Zen, Here and Now

Zen is neither some reasoning nor a theory. It is not some comprehensible knowledge through the intellect only; it is a practice, an experience. It is objective and subjective at the same time, since it does not separate these two complementary points of view. Likewise, it does not dissociate body from spirit, physiology from psychology, conscious from unconscious, but it calls the totality of humanbeing.

In this sense, it corresponds to the aspirations that currently guide the progress of modern civilization, which tries to be over categories, tight separations, divisions in all fields.

'We should reconcile opposites, by going back to their origin. This is the Zen attitude, the Channel of the Way: to cover contradictions, make their synthesis and realise the balance' (Taisen Deshimaru)

Or as it was said before by Rabindranath Tagore: 'In the future, people from the East and the West will be a great spiritual symphony. I hope that soon come the day when all Humankind will be in harmony in a universal communion'.

Nowadays, all nations in the world should be over the unilateral path of any ideology or a tight nationalism. Nationalist or racist barriers should be abolished. We should point to a common goal: a universal path.

We should understand each other and harmonize our conceptions with an open spirit. The modern spirit of freedom should undo old superstitions, beliefs and formal tightnesses in order to find deep inside ourselves the origin of an authentic, personal and universal moral at the same time, linked to the deep conscience of life.