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Silent enlightenment

Miraguano Ediciones publishes a new volume of the collection  Textos de la Tradición Zen -Texts of Zen Tradition-. It is entitled Iluminación Silenciosa: antología de textos soto zen – Silent Enlightenment: anthology of soto zen texts.-




Last year, the collection  Textos de la Tradición Zen -Texts of Zen Tradition- turned twenty-five years of existence. The collection came into light in 1984 with the publication of its first title, which could not be other than  El Sutra de la Gran Sabiduría – The Sutra of the Great Knowledge-, in the version commented by the master of zen Taisen Deshimaru.

In order to celebrate the event, we decided to prepare an Anthology of Zen Texts which summarised in a volume the spirit and form of the collection. The result is the work that the reader has right now on their hands.

Following the spirit of the collection and history of Buddhist Zen, we have taken as coordinates the Three Countries (India, China and Japan) where zen tradition has given its best up to this moment.

I have been working in the translation and understanding of great part of the texts included here for years. In fact, I am still doing it, since these texts are part of the study of the Way in the Spanish Buddhist Community Soto Zen. However, it will be necessary to continue improving these translations; I consider them to be in an appropriate point of maturity and clarity.

For this ocassion, I have chosen the most representative texts of the soto zen tradition. I have been so lucky of counting on the brilliant intelligence and smart spirit of Kepa Eguíluz, who has delimited, in a perfect way, every text in its context and has written it down with the thoroughness and penetration of the ancient studious people. I hope the reader interested in going deeply in this three times millenary Way can find in this work many access doors to the Dharma which cannot be accessed by any door.

I would like to thank my disciple and contributor Kepa Eguíluz, whose understanding and knowledge of the Way is something that I am proud of and admire. A very special and emotional gratitude to my publishers and friends of Miraguano Ediciones for having believed in this project in 1984 and still believe in it twenty-five years later.

In the temple Serene Light, 15th January 2010, while the branches of the pines rustle under the weight of the snow.

Shamon Dokushô Villalba






Sutra of the Heart (sk.: Hridaya sutra; ch.: Xinjing; jp.: Shingyo).

Sutra of the Diamond (sk.: Vajracchedika sutra; ch.: Jingangjing; jp.: Kongokyo)

Sutra of the Great Sympathy (sk.: Avalokiteshvara sutra; ch.: Guanyinjing; jp.: Kannongyo, Kanzeon Bosatsu Fumonbonge)

Verses about the Lapse of Life of the Tathagata (sk.: Tathagatayus pramana parivarta; ch.: Rulai Shouliang; jp.: Nyorai Juryohonge)





A Singing to the Heart of Trust (ch.: Xinxinming; jp.: Shinjinmei, Shinjin no mei), by Jianzhi Sengcan.

A Singing of the True Dharma (ch.: Zhengdaoge; jp.: Shodoka), by Yongjia Xuanjue

A Singing to the Hermitage of Hay Roof (ch.: Caoanke; jp.: Soanka), by Shitou Xiqian

The Essence and the Phenomena are No dos (ch.: Candongqi; jp.: Sandokai), by Shitou Xiqian

A Singing of the Shamadhi of the Beautiful Mirror (ch.: Baojing Sanmeige; jp: Hokyo zanmaika), by Dongshan Liangjie

Verses about the Five Positions (ch py.: Wuweisong; jp: Hensho goi), by Dongshan Liangjie

A Singing to the Serene Light (ch.: Mozhaoming; jp.: Mokushomei), by Hongzhi Zhengjue





The Evident Reality (jp.: Shobogenzo Genjokoan) by Eihei Dogen

Life death (jp.: Shobogenzo Shoji) by Eihei Dogen

Instructions to the Head Chef of the Monastery -extract-. (jp.: Tenzo Kyokun) by Eihei Dogen

For the Universal Dissemination of the Principles of Zazen (jp.: Fukanzazengi) by Eihei Dogen

The Principles of Zazen (jp.: Zazengi) by Eihei Dogen

The Acupuncture Needle of Zazen (jp.: Zazenshin) by Eihei Dogen

Recommendations for the Practice of Zazen (jp.: Zazen yojinki) by Keizan Jokin

The Three Practising Kinds of Zazen (jp.: Sankon zazen setsu) by Keizan Jokin

The work can be bought in the main book shops, on the publisher's website and in the centres integrated in the Buddhist Soto Zen Community.