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Vajrasamadhisutra or 'Sutra of the Samadhi Diamond' is one of the most eminent buddhist sutras from the Far East. It is one of the 'sutras of the Mahayana school with which the studious people of Zen made good by getting familiar with it in a better way', according to the words of D. T. Suzuki. It is part of the so called samadhi-sutras, a kind of sutras of quite a noticeable meditative inspiration.

Traditionally, it is considered the fact that it was translated anonymously from Sanskrit to Chinese between the fourth and fifth centuries. So, it became into a canonical text for its own right. However, modern Japanese experts state that it is a Chinese native composition, then, it would be an apocryphal one.

For other authors, such as Robert E. Buswell,  Vajrasamadhisutra was written in Korea in some moment around the year 685 AD by an early follower of the emerging sŏn tradition – Korean zen-.

Vajrasamadhisutra describes the superior meditative states as they were experimented and taught by the Buddha Sakiamuni. Thus, it is an unavoidable reference for all the practicants of buddhist meditation and for the studious people of the conscience and human psychology.

The current edition, translated and written down by Kepa Eguíluz and Dokushô Villalba, is the first one in Spanish of this work, being crucial for the understanding of the superior states of buddhist meditation.

It was published by Miraguano Ediciones in February 2013.