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Schedule of activities 2016

The teaching of Zen has been accurately transmited from master to disciple through a continuous lineage. Starting from Sakiamuni himself to the current moment, Buddhist Zen has been transmited from master to disciple, generation after generation. The tree of spiritual genealogy of buddhist zen has its roots in the historic Buddha, and it has been growing along the years developing diverse lineages.
It was the master Eihei Dôgen the one who introduced the Soto Zen school in Japan in the 13th century. In our coutry, this lineage is represented by the master founder Dokushô Villalba roshi.
The Buddhist Soto Zen Community and the Luz Serena Monastery were founded in 1989 thanks to the spiritual inspiration of the Venerable Master Soden Shuyu Narita roshi. Since that moment, the members of the Community are pulling together to establish in Luz Serena a centre for practicing and, also, a centre of spreading buddhist zen in Spain, Europe and Latin America. 
Our main goal is that of spreading and favouring the pratice and study of soto zen buddhist tradition from a non-sectarian perspective.
From our buddhist vocation, we are open to the interrealtion and dialogue with all those spiritual traditions, disciplines, sciences and trends of thought of the planet, which work for the rising or moral and spiritual conscience of human beings. We show you the following schedule of activities in order for the great Dharma of Buddha to continue imbuing in our everyday activities. 
The practice of zazen, made with an attitude of inner detachment, is valuable contribution to peace, harmony and happiness of all living creatures.
This fact shows that the idea of being all together can contribute with our example a path of life inspired by the wisdom and sympathy of the Buddhas and the Ancestors.

How good would it be if all human beings could release from suffering and the causes of suffering!

Introduction Retreats

This kind of retreats are designed to those ones who have never taken part in a zen retreat. Detailed explanations are given about the pratice of meditation (zazen), the food eaten in bowls, the reciting of sutras and all other aspects of the practice of Zen. There is also some time dedicated to exercises of flexibility and stretching in order for them to be able to adopt the posture of zazen more easily.
There is also the possibility of having some private interviews with the master and with the instructors.
All these introduction retreats will be conducted by zen instructors, disciples of the master  Dokushô Villalba. 

23-27 March  Spring Retreat, conducted by Saúl Estévez.
10-12 June Introduction Retreat for Women, conducted by Mar López.
2-7 August Summer Retreat, conducted by Saúl Estévez.
13-16 October Autumn Retreat, conducted by Samuel Soriano.
27-31 December Winter Retreat, conducted by Mar López.

Deepening Retreats

This kind of retreats (also called second level retreats) are focused on those people who, after having taken part in one or more introduction retreats, feel themselves ready to continue going deeper in the way of zen.
Zazen periods are longer and more frequent, the environment is that of more seclusion and silence.
The teaching of the masters, either in the  teishô way (formal teaching) or kusen (oral teaching during zazen), acquires special relevance at this level.
All deepening retreats will be conducted by Dokushô Villalba.

9-14 August Sesshin Bodhisattva, conducted by Dokushô Villalba.
16-21 August Sesshin Genzo-e, conducted by Dokushô Villalba.
1-8 December Rohatsu Sesshin, conducted by Dokushô Villalba.

Kesa Sewing Retreat

This year, we offer again the possibility of taking part in a kesa sewing retreat. Kesa is the habit of the Buddha, the cloak that covers the body of the practicants during zazen meditation.
In Zen tradition, it is the sign of the inner transformation process that happens inside thanks to the practice of the Dharma.
This year, the retreat will be conducted by the nun and instructor Daishin Escobar.

11-13 March  Conducted by Daishin Escobar. Cancelled.

Workshops and seminars

Every year, the Serena Luz monastery offers a series of workshops and seminars of study which help us go deeper in important aspects of our practice and understanding.

12-14 February Zen workshop and Photography, conducted by Dokushô Villalba and César Cerón. More information: aquí. (click here)

26-28 February Seminar of Buddhist Study: The Pali Cannon, with the Ven.  Nandisena. More information: aquí. (click here)

16-18 September Workshop: Approach to a Good Way of Dying, conducted by Mar López.

Training of Instructors in Full Attention (FMAP)

The fostering of Full Attention constitutes the heart of the way of liberation and awakening taught by the Buddha Sakyamuni, which has been transmitted by the different schools and buddhist lineages until our days.
The master  Dokushô Villalba has developed the methodology called MBTB (Mindfulness Based on Buddhist Tradition). MBTB is comprehensive, secular and it is based on the economy of generousity and solidarity.
The training of Instructors of Full Attention is directed to people who have the desire of going deeper in the improvement of Full Attention following the MBTB methodology, not only for themselves, but also for offering that knowledge to other people.
Face-to-face courses and the practice with tutorship will be run under the charge of Dokushô Villalba.

All the information by clicking here: aquí.

29-31 January Module 1
4-6 March Module 2
8-10 April Module 3
13-15 May Module 4
17-19 June Module 5
8-10 July Module 6

Basic Course of Introduction to Full Attention

Theoretical-practical courses of introduction to Full Attention following the  MBTB methodology (Mindfulness Based on Buddhist Tradition).
Both courses are made in a weekend, and they will be conducted by Dokushô Villalba.
More information by clicking here: aquí.

19-21 February Conducted by Dokushô Villalba
16-18 December  Conducted by Dokushô Villalba


Celebrations are annual landmarks which congregate us around significant dates for our soto zen tradition and our community.

1 January New Year's Celebration.
24 April In Memoriam Ceremony for Taisen Deshimaru Roshi.
20-22 May Vesak. Buddha's Birth Celebration.
2 August Ango Opening Ceremony.
14 August Bodhisattvas' Ordination Ceremony.
21 August Novices' Ordination Ceremony.
22 August Renewal of the link with the master.
22 August Closing Ceremony of the ango of the summer.
24 November In Memoriam Ceremony for Shuyu Narita Roshi.
8 December Celebration of Buddha's Awakening.
31 December End-of-year Celebration.
1 January 2017 New Year's Celebration.

Organizational meetings

6-7 February General Annual Councils and Assembly of the CBSZ.
23 August General Council.