Comunidad Budista Sotozen

Zen and everyday life

This attitude practical wisdom that can be applied to every moment of daily life emerges: How to sleep, how to take food, how to walk, how to drive the car, how to sit, how to breathe, how to get through fairly short this lapse of time from our birth to our coffin? What attitude of mind?

The practice of meditation in zazen is not in contradiction with our daily life and, above all, is not an escape to the difficulties that presents daily living. On the contrary, thanks to the assiduous practice of Zazen, we can find lucidity, calmness and energy to solve proficiently and effectively everyday situations.

Zazen is not, however, a technique of welfare that can be used for utilitarian purposes. Rather, it is through the abandonment of selfishness and the tension caused by the ego-consciousness, as we immerse ourselves, without fear, in our existence and evolve in it like a fish in water, naturally, unconsciously.

The best times to sit in zazen are dawn and dusk. These moments of transformation of nature and our own biological rhythms promote concentration and prepare us to openly face the day on the one hand, and to purify our consciousness and body of all noxious sensory impressions that have accumulated during the day, other.

People who continue this practice daily bear witness to the profound renewal that have experienced in their lives.